Just as the Renaissance introduced novel thought and artistry, we offer a fresh look and taste to delicious classics: a “rebirth” for the senses. Our Paris Style Cakecustomized approach to decorating your wedding cake complements your thorough planning and attention to wedding day details. Perhaps your cake will resemble a contemporary work of art, or an ornate classic, or a floral impression of the bridal bouquet. Your wedding cake embodies your lively vision. We celebrate the natural beauty of the Northwest, while paying tribute to your unique style, elegance, and charm.

New Renaissance Cakes, a custom bakery, will artfully craft a magnificent cake of the finest quality for your special guests and special day. It will be as pleasing to the eye as to the palate. Using imported Belgian chocolates, the freshest dairy products, and our own fruit liqueurs, we are always mindful of quality. As pastry chefs, we are committed to freshness and flavor. As decorators, we look forward to collaborating with you to design your personalized work of art.